MCREES PRECISION ARMS is proud to offer Basic Rifle Kits available for the “DYI” customers and Now by Request, Rifles Built on Customer Supplied Rifles/Actions or Barreled Actions with our new “READY TO GO” Production Model McRee’s Rifles. We offer several Base Model Rifles for Entry Level Competitors and Hunters. Premium Rifles Featuring Stiller “Tac” Actions. Custom Chassis Finishes available. Built with the same Top Quality Components McRee’s Precision has been providing to the Shooting Public for Customer Upgrades and earned a stellar reputation for thru the years. All Barreled Actions and Standard Chassis finishes are Cerakoted in several standard popular Color Options. In Calibers from 6mm Creedmoor to the Mighty .50 BMG. Tested and Proven designs used by Boots on the Ground Military Operatives OCONUS, LE Agencies domestically, World Class Competitors and Hunters. Accurate Tactical Precision and Hunting Rifles are our Life at McRee’s Precision where Versatility and Function are a Standard we live by.

Basic money saving Bundled Rifle Kits in the G10 and G7 Chassis package configurations are in the Shopping Cart, Rifles professionally built by us on Customer Supplied Actions and Barreled Actions for shooters that don’t have the time, equipment or local resources to get the best possible results and Production Models Rifles with your choice of options added for a variety of Custom features to satisfy everyone. The Unique Flagship “BR-10” rifle that’s been the choice of professionals for years are available in our Production Rifle Lineup or as an option for a build on Customer Supplied Actions as well thru us.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Rifle Builds on Customer Supplied Receivers are located in the SERVICES page and PRODUCTION MODEL RIFLES are listed in the Rifle page with forms. Submit the Form and we’ll send a Reply followed by a Call for details and Shipping Instructions. Don’t hesitate to Contact us for details, options and our reasonable delivery times.  Custom Chassis Finishes, Caliber/Chambering and Barrel Work Options will have slightly longer lead times under some circumstances depending on the item and current work load.

Don’t see a Part or Accessory your looking for by McRee’s Precision ? Go to Shop at McRee’s and Browse. We will be adding more items to this site soon.

McRee’s Precision  Design developments that we’ve put into our products are unique thru years of experience Tested and Proven to provide the best Quality available only thru us and copied by others. Patented and Trademarked for protection to insure you’re getting the Real Deal and not a Copy. Click here to view Our Product Protection Listings pages : McRee’s Precision Patents and Trademarks

What do we do!

McRee’s Precision and MCREES PRECISION ARMS has joined forces giving the ability to provide Shooters with the Best Long Range capable Precision Rifles on the Market at reasonable prices and a decent Turnaround time.

About Us

McRee’s Precision and MCREES PRECISION ARMS  joined forces giving us the ability to provide Shooters with the Best Long Range capable Precision Rifles on the Market at reasonable prices with a decent Turnaround time. Combining Scott McRee’s Innovative Design/Engineering Experience, Kathy McRee’s Management, Customer Service, Superior Coating and Creative Skills plus Jim Hall’s 38 years of practical Gunsmithing experience you can now Purchase Rifles built exclusively with McRee’s Precision superior components comparable to the best offerings you’ll find anywhere on the market. Our State of the Art Facilities with Years of Practical Experience, Training and Knowledge have enabled us to produce Rifles with Accessories from the Novice to the Experienced Shooter rivaled by none. After so many requests for a “McRee’s Production Model Rifle”, MCREES PRECISION ARMS was born along with SERVICES available to build Rifles on Customer’s actions with the McRee’s guarantee behind it. MCREE RIFLES.

Jim has joined forces with McRee’s Precision to provide the Shooting Public with Scott and Kathy for the McRee’s Precision Rifles now offered. You can trust TEAM McRee’s to  give you the best of both worlds. Now providing Services that reflect the same quality of their components well known for years to Build Your Rifle for you or a Production Model Rifle ready to shoot.





CONTACT Us by Sending the Contact Form or Call. We will give you instructions for Shipping and Options available for your Rifle Build using a McRee’s Kit and accessories. Once we receive your Components, your Action will be inspected for QA/QC and we’ll call you before proceeding. Locking Lug Lapping is included in the build price. If you want a Full Action Truing on Remington 700 Actions done before the build we can accommodate you.

Entry Level PRODUCTION RIFLE Builds on Customer Action using  Rifle Kit Contents :

.243 Win, .308 Win, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm Creedmoor : $1,555.00

.300 Win Mag :                                                                                               $1,575.00




Full Thread, Locking Lug Recess and Receiver Face machining on Action. Locking Lugs machined and Lapped to Action on Bolt with Bolt face Machining.

Price : $200.00



We do offer a limited choice of Custom Calibers and/or Chamberings not available on our Standard Barrel Kits. Barrel lengths Shorter than our Standard Barrel Kit offerings with or without Muzzle Threads are available on request. Extra Lead Times for Reamer Orders and Custom Barrel Options can be expected.

PRICE : Price On Request


There are tolerance variances on Factory Remington 700 actions. When we receive your Action and it goes thru the rigorous QA/QC Inspection we perform, any tolerances that are out of Factory Specification and could affect Accuracy will be noted and You will be contacted as listed above for Rifles Built on Customer Actions. Some Customers like to have their Action Blueprinted before a Build in any case. Full Action Truing is Not always a requirement for the utmost Accuracy but we offer this option.